Is everything we know wrong?

Another quickie to mention a recent TV program that you may be interested in:

Tuesday's Horizon program entitled Is Everything We Know About the Universe Wrong? was a decent whistlestop tour of cosmology including what we have inferred about our universe and its origins, the biggest problems with current models, and some of the most popular theories that attempt to fill in the gaps and explain the inconsistencies.

I'm consistently impressed with the Horizon team's program-making, and this is largely because they hit a spot that so many science shows miss: the tone is just right. It's aimed at the casual-but-interested, but manages to get that sweet spot between blinding with scientific jargon and assuming that everyone's thick. They take it down to the basics without having to be patronising about it.

So if you have any kind of interest in where we all came from (and if you're reading this blog, I can only assume that you have) then this is worth a watch. It's available on the iplayer until 10pm on 25th March 2010. Come back here afterwards and let me know what you think!


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