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On the back of a suggestion made via the Ask A Question form (thanks, Andy!) I've changed the 'Guestbook' page to a 'Forum' page. This is with the hope that we can get more of a dialogue going, and people can join in with conversations on topics spurred by posts.

What I'd like you to do* is to head over to the Forum page, sign up (if you don't already have a Google login**), make a few posts and get started with some discussions. Please let me know if you have any issues or suggestions - I've really just dumped it there without changing any settings or anything.

I only have two requests for now: don't be offensive, and don't post spam.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to chatting with some of you over there!

* Yes, you. Particularly you.
** It's free to sign up with Google.


  1. I have been watching "Through a Wormhole" on TV. The most recent program (maybe a repeat) talks about the theory of Membranes or Branes and that, instead of the big bang theory, all universes are on separate branes that 2 branes may periodically come together and then "explode out again". There is no singularity as in the big bang. My questions are: if this happens how many branes are there? Are they lined up parallel with each other? Are there branes above and below other branes. Would a brane collide with the same brane all the time? Do universes on the branes keep the same makeup or exchange material? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. janabur

  2. Hi!

    I don't know the answers to your questions off the top of my head- why not ask it in the forum and see if anyone else might be able to have a go?


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