What happened?!

"What happened to this very nice site (No activity since May 2013)?" - Question posed by Mike.

First of all: thanks for noticing, Mike! The short answer is that pretty much all of my personal circumstances changed (both for the better and for the worse) and my astro-blogging mojo fell out. One of the better changes was a rotation of my working life by π/2 radians from the ordinary to the distinctly unreal. This isn't the place to waffle about that, but any teachers out there (particularly the mathematically inclined, but history nuts will get a bit excited as well) might like to check out what I do now.

Anyway, back to Blogstronomy: I went to get back up and running again. I've had a few questions via the form and I'll rummage through those, but at a quick glance they're mostly repeats of questions I've already asked and the rest appear to be written in some sort of code*, so if you've had any "what"s, "where"s, "why"s, "how"s, "when"s or "I wonder"s pop into your head on a spacey theme*** then please get asking! You can use the aforementioned form, or check out the Contact page for more ways to get your signal through**.

* Check out the FAQ section for reasons why I might not have answered your question.
** Please check that I haven't already answered it - check the labels or try googling "Blogstronomy [some keywords]".
*** Other themes - serious and ridiculous - might be better left at my personal blog, which has also been neglected for some time.


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