New astronomy series starts tonight!

Hi faithful reader(s*),

I just wanted to bring your attention to a new astronomy documentary series that's starting on BBC2 tonight (Sunday 7th March) at 9:00pm. It's called Wonders of the Solar System, and the first episode is entitled Empire of the Sun. It's hosted by Professor Brian Cox**, who's pretty awesome when it comes to making TV shows that explain the nitty gritty of physics and astronomy in terms that normal people can get to grips with. Most of the reviews I've come across seem to think that this will be decent Sunday night viewing for anyone with half an interest in space and how it works.

If you're reading this and the show has slipped from the future, silently bypassed your present and is now firmly situated in your past, all is not lost: I'd bet my own grandmother that it'll be on the BBC's iplayer service for the next couple of weeks.

And it hardly needs mentioning that if you do tune in and it causes any further questions to spring forth, I encourage you to come back here and use the Ask a Question! link at the top of the page to, well, ask your question!

* Who says I'm not a fount of optimism!?
** Particle physicist, Royal Society Research Fellow and ex- D:Ream keyboardist:


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