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Would food (or people) decompose in space?

Would a human explode in space without a space suit?

Does the Moon travel round the Sun slower than the Earth?

New Facebook page!

What shape are comets?

New feature: Blogstronomy on your mobile!

Why is Halley's Comet so funny?

How can an inflatable space craft withstand micro-meteoroid impacts?

Why should we send people to the moon rather than getting robots to do the job?

Do wormholes exist?

Will we ever lose contact with the Voyager probes?

How far away are the Voyager probes?

What caused Voyager 2 to send back garbled information? Was it aliens?

What's the second closest star to the Earth?

Life in the Universe part 8: What are the chances of finding life in our galaxy?

What's the closest star [to Earth] other than the Sun, and how far away is it?

Why are black holes always found at the centre of galaxies?

Is it true that the stars we see are already dead?

Is the Moon larger than the Earth?

How many people are in space right now?

Life in the Universe part 7: How long will a civilisation remain willing and able to communicate?

If the nearest star is 4 light years away, does this mean its light will reach us after 4 years?

Life in the Universe part 6: How many intelligent life forms will develop the ability and desire to communicate?

University of Leicester Homecoming 2010: 50 years of Space Science

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