Forseeably Asked Questions

  • Why haven't you answered my question?
If you've submitted a question via the ask a question form and I haven't posted a response yet, here are some reasons why that may happen, posted in something like the order of most likeliness:

 - I've already answered it in a previous post. One of the best ways to work out if this is the reason is to do a web search for Blogstronomy followed by key words from your question, and see what comes up.

 - I haven't had time yet. Whilst I love responding to your questions, it is a hobby and has to make way for my day job a lot of the time. It may be that I'm bogged down in my extrablogstronomer life, or that you've just asked a question that I don't already know the answer to or requires a big answer, so rather than fob you off with a wishy-washy response I'm waiting for the right time to sit down and give it my full attention.

 - I don't understand the question. If you've written the question in text-speak or haven't used any punctuation it may be difficult for me to figure out what you actually mean.


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