Guest post by Robin: What's the most interesting place in the solar system?

Here's an opinion from Robin. What's yours? Take a look at this post, see other people's opinions here, then get writing!

I think the most interesting place in our solar system is the Earth.

Of course, the natural reaction to that is either that I'm being awkward or not showing enough imagination... but here's my reasoning:

There any many, many wondrous things out there that we either know of or are yet to discover: Venus being hotter than Mercury, the rings around Saturn and the path of Halley's comet being just a few among them. I would also say that our own moon comes a close second, what with it being highly disproportionate in size to other moons in the solar system and with the way it appears in the sky about the same size as the sun.
However, none of this could be appreciated by us if it wasn't for the Earth. This surprisingly stable little blue, green and white planet, floating around an insignificant star, has given life. It's brought curiosity to the solar system and it's made these great features around us interesting.

The more I learn of the Earth (and the moon, and a few other things around us), the more I realise what a special world it is. It's the right size, it's the right distance from the sun, its magnetic field, atmosphere and levels of volcanic activity have allowed us to develop here. When we look through the rest of the solar system, it appears to be one of the safest places we know. It is like a parent, protecting its children; little wonder the phrase "Mother Earth" has been coined and stuck, for in a relative sense it truly is.

And yet it's more than that. Such place could have been a grey rock, with grey skies and grey reflections in the water. But it isn't. Looking upwards and around us, we see so many great colours and find our senses tingled from the likes of mown grass to chocolate to birdsong. Not only that but I always think the image of our planet from space is the most beautiful and awe-inspiring thing I've ever seen. The shapes, colours and gentleness of it all warm the heart and remind us how lucky we are. It's home, and out of all the places we know of, it's where I'd choose to live.

What do you think is the most interesting thing in our solar system? Write me a guest post explaining what and why, and I'll host it here: I want to hear from YOU. I'll post everyone's under the tag 'most interesting', and you can read the original post here.


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