Astronomising at #CampEd12 !

I'll be attending #CampEd12* in May, and I've been asked to do something astronomical. As I understand it, the site is above the local tree line and a fair distance from any big towns, so given the right weather we might be in for a show.

I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but I'd really like to get others involved, so first and foremost if you're going to be in attendance and you've got even the tiniest interest in space, please leave a comment below and introduce yourself to me!

I'd also like anyone who's coming to read the following as a preliminary:

For those who are interested but inexperienced:
  • You don't need a telescope to do astronomy. Your naked eyes are excellent for making a start, and people are often surprised by how much a half decent pair of binoculars can contribute to proceedings: If you have a pair, add them to your kit list now. If you haven't got any, consider acquiring some. I have a pair of these, and I'm quite pleased with them so far, but who hasn't got a dusty old pair lying around in a cupboard somewhere, to be honest?
  • What spacey stuff do you want to know about? If there's something you've wondered, post your questions in the comments, use the site's form, or tweet me - I might be able to think of an interesting way of answering it in a big field near Halifax.

For those who are more experienced:

  • Any ideas? I'm trying to think of some interesting practical demonstrations of astronomical concepts that require little in the way of props and preparation (you can only carry so much to a field in the middle of nowhere...). Have you done or seen anything that you think has worked well? I'd love to hear from you- drop me a line via the question form, or tweet me!
  • In all honesty, my practical observation experience is limited- I'm hoping to have bought myself a decent 'scope by the time of #CampEd12, but when it comes to using it I'll be doing little more than making it up as I go along. If you've got a bit of experience of practical stargazing, it'd be great to have a chat and/or collaborate with you. If you've got equipment you'd like to bring, the more the merrier, but I can't make any comments regarding storage or security of any of it.
  • If you're coming along and want to get involved in the astronomy stuff in anyway, please get in touch!
Thanks for reading! I'm sure I'll post more on the #CampEd12 front when I've had some ideas, and I'll post them under the rather imaginative CampEd12 label.

Keep looking up!

* It's a (nearly) free learning festival for those of an educational persuasion. It's being held in a field near Halifax. Check this out for more info.


  1. Hi, I'm coming camped12 and I'm very excited about getting involved in some astronomy stuff. I'm a converted Chemist so it's my first year teaching Key stage 4 and 5 Physics this year. My astronomy knowledge is pretty poor though!

  2. Thanks for commenting!

    I have no idea what bits of astronomy are on the secondary science curriculum, but if you or your students ever have any questions, feel free to refer them here!

    I look forward to seeing you at CampEd12! Don't forget your binoculars!

  3. Hi Tom. I won't make it, but I can contribute an old pair of binoculars in case you want to have a few spares lying around for occasional visitors.


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