Sun Spotting With a Vengeance

My first post on this was here, and you can find the second one here. Feel free to join in!

This has turned into an obsession.

After my appeal at work I was supplied with a number of tubes, and I've made a bit of an effort with some of them as you can see in the image! The one in the middle is the one from the other day, as photographed in this post.

The one on the left is a yellow plastic tube that was, I think, previously home to some large educational posters. It's slightly translucent, so I've covered it in gaffer tape to stop light getting in. I've managed to get an image using this one, but there is some difficulty with reflection on the internal surfaces of the tube, and the card itself is bathed in a yellowy light from scattered pinhole light. If I had the time, resources and energy to paint the inside of this one a nonreflective black it might well be a pretty good viewer.

The one on the right is the result of a conjoinment of three inner tubes from rolls of paper used in the DT department. Due to the nonreflectiveness of its inner surfaces, the contrast on the image obtained is much better than with the plastic tube.

My next job is to manufacture something at the viewing end of these beasts: something for the image to fall on that will block as much light as possible from the outside world whilst allowing a geek to get an eyeful.

I'm waiting for the next toilet roll to come to an end...


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