Hello and welcome to Blogstronomy!

Hello and welcome to my new astronomy blog, Blogstronomy. I will hopefully update this fairly regularly with random pieces of astronomy-related bits and bobs. For the time being at least, it will concentrate on theoretical astronomy and astrophysics, as opposed to observational astronomy, as there are many, many sites and blogs dealing with amateur backyard or back garden astronomy but not many that actually invite readers to ask questions about the way the universe works.

The creation of this blog was triggered when I made this post at my general blog (feel free to view/follow/comment!)

I'm hoping to address misunderstandings and myths, as well as provide stepping stones and starting points for anyone who's interested in any aspect of astronomy. I want to receive questions to answer- this will allow me to keep up to date and active in my interest as well as helping out anybody who wants it!

I'd also like to hear from people who already know about astronomy and who might be interested in making contributions to this blog, either helping to answer questions or as a 'guest blogger,' whether as a one-off or regularly.

Thanks for reading, PLEASE comment and offer suggestions: what do you like about the blog so far? What would you like to see happening here? You can comment on this post (you'll need a google account or Open ID to do so), or you can contact me from my google profile page.


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