Another *yawn* snow in the UK post

O.k, O.k, you've probably had enough of the snow by now, and you'd be forgiven for wanting to smack the next person who talks about it in the mouth, but hear me out...

The picture below was taken by MODIS* on NASA's Terra satellite on 7th January 2010. I don't think I need to go into any depth regarding what it shows or the beauty of the image (beauty is in the eye of the beerholder, anyway), but I'll make a couple of comments after the pic:

The white swirly bits around our island are bits of weather. The white bits on the island are snow. The grey blobs dotted here and there are large populated areas- Birmingham is conspicuous towards the middle of England, and Manchester (I think- geography never was my strong subject) is almost as large and clear north of that. London's the largest and darkest of the grey blobs towards the south-east.

If you draw a line roughly north from London, and roughly east from Birmingham, the point where they cross will be not too far from
a place called Barton Seagrave, which seems to have had much less snow than everywhere else in the country. This, of course, has also meant that a certain school in Barton Seagrave has had no snow days at a time when over half of the UK's educational establishments have been closed for a large part of the week (if not all of it).

I think I'll write to the met office and complain.

Almost forgot: If you click on the image you should be taken to the original, which is much bigger.

*Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (try saying that after a few)


  1. I think it is beautiful; in fact I think the Earth from space is one of the most beautiful images there is.

    But the intriguing thing is that, on the left of the picture, Ireland is surprisingly clear of snow...


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