Someone buy that man a beer...

I've just had the following video brought to my attention by Phil Plait via his Bad Astronomy blog. It shows Brian Cox, presenter of the Wonders of the Solar System TV series, particle physicist with CERN and ex- D:Ream keyboardist, laying down a case for the importance of science research funding from the government budget. Such is Cox's laid back yet intense style of exposition, I was riveted all the way through. Brilliant stuff.

I'm frequently impressed by Cox's passion for science and the ease with which her appears to pluck an intuitive description of difficult scientific concepts out of thin air, and he is rapidly reaching 'hero' status in my eyes. If only there were more people with influence who felt as passionately about the role of science in today's world as Brian Cox does, and were prepared to spend the time and effort required to spread awareness of just how important it all is.


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