Everything and Nothing

Brought to my attention by Alexander.

I've just been watching the first episode of BBC Four's new documentary Everything and Nothing, and about two minutes in I had already decided that I needed to let you lot know about it too.

The first part, Everything, charts the story of the men and women who have played a key role in humanity's desire to find out more about the universe we live in. Professor Jim Al-Khalili, who was already on my list of Awesome Scientists Who Make Telly I Like Watching*, does an excellent job of explaining some pretty deep and difficult scientific concepts in a way which is accessible to people who don't necessarily have a background in the sciences.

It covers a number of topics that I've tackled in a few recent blog posts, including how do we find out distances to the stars, is the universe infinite, and how can we measure the expansion of the universe, only Jim does it more succinctly, and with better props and whizzy graphics.

You can view it on the BBC's iPlayer here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00yb59m/Everything_and_Nothing_Everything/

I'd recommend it to anyone with at least a passing interest in the Big Questions, whatever level you feel your understanding lies at.

I am really looking forward to the second part.

* Also populated by Marcus Du Sautoy and (swoon) Brian Cox.


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