Are There Such Things as UFOs?


"UFO" is an initialism that stands for

  • Unidentified
  • Flying
  • Object

So if you see something that is in the sky and appears to be flying, and you don't know what it is, it is most definitely a UFO.

Lots of people equate UFOs to spaceships and flying saucers, but that's not what the word (or initialism) means. It simply means that you don't know what it is. And that's boring. The interesting bits come when you manage to identify the flying object (at this point, it stops being a UFO*).

Unfortunately, no UFOs have ever been officially identified as alien spaceships. That would be very interesting and more than a little bit cool, but it hasn't happened. Most UFOs turn out to be things like satellites, meteorites, Chinese lanterns, and strange cloud formations. Some reports, however, have ended up being identified as things that you might think are obvious, such as Venus, Jupiter and (wait for it...) the Moon.

* I suppose that means it becomes an IFO, but usually when something has been identified we already have a name for it and use that one so as to avoid conclusion.


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