What Would Happen if the Earth's Spin Slowed Down?

Over the last couple of posts I've looked at how things might be different if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning, and if it had never spun at all. Today I'm going to look at what might happen if the Earth gradually slowed down. Take a look at the others at the spin me right round tag!

If the Earth's spin were to start slowing down*, depending on how fast it did so, the chances are we wouldn't notice a lot. All of the things mentioned in yesterday's post would eventually come to pass, but very, very slowly: the days would become longer, the Earth would become more spherical, the oceans would redistribute themselves. On a day-to-day basis, even lifetime-to-lifetime, most of us wouldn't really notice anything different.

You know the oddest thing, though? It's actually happening.

* I'm talking slow enough that the effects discussed in this post aren't a worry.


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