What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning (and other questions)?

Apologies once more for my lack of posting: work is still doing its level best to deny all possibility for extracurricular hobbies...

... so I've just dropped by to let you know about an article that you can read on the New Scientist website. It requires registration to read the full article, but that's free and well worth the two minutes it takes.

It's entitled What if the Earth stopped spinning? and in it, Hazel Muir reports on astrophysicist Neil Comin's new book, What if Earth had Two Moons? The article has a brief look at some different scenarios that our planet could have found itself in and describes some of the differences that we might notice from our own Earth.

Ideas that Comin covers include the titular what if Earth had two Moons, what if Earth stopped spinning, what if Earth had no moon, what if Earth was a moon, what if the Moon orbited the other way and what if the Earth had a different crust?

The article's here and well worth a read, even if you have to register first.


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