Is There Evidence to Suggest That Life Exists in Other Universes?

Question posed by Dan.

No, there isn't, but that's because we don't really know whether there are other universes at all! Before we can collect data and evidence for what type of things there are in other universes, we've got to find another universe! This begs the question "are there other universes?" which, luckily, I've already answered. You can find my response here:

Bearing in mind that there are no known 'true' answers to this question, here are my brief thoughts and reasonings:

If there are other universes out there somewhere, it makes sense to me that there may well be life of some kind existing within at least some of them - I don't see any reason to suspect that we are 'special' or unique. With almost infinite possibilities with regards to the physical laws of any given universe, life out there may be very different to the life we know of in our tiny corner of the universe we live in: it may be unrecognisable as life from our point of view; it may even be totally incomprehensible to us!


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