Learning to Take Space Photos

Anyone who also follows my personal blog will have worked out that I like to try my hand at a bit of photography now and then. I've got a semi-whizzy camera, but not a lot of experience so it's a bit like drawing stick-men with really expensive crayons.

Anyway, anyone who follows both that blog and this one may have wondered why I haven't posted any astro pics.

The answer to that is that it's hard. I very much subscribe to the school of thought that something being difficult isn't a good reason to not do it*, so I've been working up to it rather than avoiding doing it altogether.

Last night was clear and the stars were bright, so I had a go, and I've included the better photos and recorded my experience over on my personal blog:

Any comments, tips, suggestions or (constructive) criticisms would be most appreciated!

* I've done a maths degree.


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