How Does a Supernova Turn Into a Black Hole?

Question posed by Kh.
Kepler's Supernova (black holes aren't as pretty).
By NASA/ESA/JHU/R.Sankrit & W.Blair,
via Wikimedia Commons

For a more in-depth answer to this question, you might like to read the posts Where Do Black Holes Come From? and What Happens When a Star Goes Supernova?, and then finish off with What's the Difference Between a Supernova and a Black Hole?.

The quick answer is that a supernova doesn't turn into a black hole. They both come from the same event* - the death of a star - but they are different aspects of this occurrence.

* There are other methods of forming black holes, but the gravitational collapse of a dying star is thought to be the most common mechanism for making black holes of the type we're interested in here.


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