Is Earth the Fifth Smallest Planet?

Question posed by Marvin.

No. It used to be, but since Pluto was re-classified as a dwarf planet, every other planet in the list has shifted down a place. Even if we included Pluto, we'd have to also include Eris (at least), which means that Earth still wouldn't be the fifth smallest planet.

So where's Earth on the list of planets in our solar system, if we put them in size order?

Comparing the sizes of the planets and the Sun. (Origin unknown)
Earth comes in at fourth place. Here's the full list, from smallest to largest, and a rather nifty graphic comparing them all:

  1. Mercury (Average diameter: 4879.4 km, or about 2/5 the size of Earth)
  2. Mars (Average diameter: 6772 km, or about 1/2 the size of Earth)
  3. Venus (Average diameter: 12,104 km, or about 9/10 the size of Earth)
  4. Earth (Average diameter: 12,735 km)
  5. Neptune (Average diameter: 49,105 km, or about 3.8 times the size of Earth)
  6. Uranus (Average diameter: 50,532 km, or about 4.0 times the size of Earth)
  7. Saturn (Average diameter: 114,630 km, or about 9.0 times the size of Earth)
  8. Jupiter (Average diameter: 138,350 km, or about 10.8 times the size of Earth)


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